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Restore & Repair

IBX Restore & Repair

Ibx treatment

 This innovative two-part system offers revolutionary benefits

What is IBX ? 

The IBX  System from Famous Names is an intensive strengthening treatment which works from the INSIDE OUT. This innovative two-part system offers some truly revolutionary benefits, including:

  • Creating a protective shield for the natural nail.
  • Helps to reduce white spots on the surface of the nail.
  • IBX  Repair acts like a "double-sided sticky tape" to seal damaged areas - such as splitting and peeling - together.
  • Toughening the upper layers of the nail plate, allowing nail growth.
  • Filling in deep grooves and ridges, resulting in a smoother nail plate (with multiple treatments).
  • Improving the appearance and colour of your natural nails (from the very first treatment).


How does it work?

IBX  is a penetrative, toughening system which works INSIDE the nail plate, instead of sitting on top of the nail like most traditional nail services.

IBX  penetrates through the nail plate layers, using a heat source equivalent to a 75-100 watt bulb. It is then cured under the CND UV lamp for two minutes.

IBX  toughens the nail plate by fusing the layers in the upper portion of the nail plate with an Interpenetrating Polymer Network (IPN). This patent pending formula locks itself within the nail plate - a permanent addition that will never need removal.


Natural Nail Growth Treatment

  • IBX Repair is used to repair severe nail damage to set the stage for growth
  • IBX toughens the upper layers of the nail plate allowing nail growth
  • With multiple treatments fills up deep grooves resulting in a smoother nail plate
  • Natural nail colour and appearance improved.


Under Gel Polish

  • Creates a protective shield for the nail
  • Reduces white spots that can occur with the use of Gel Polish


Add IBto any of the following treatment

  • File & Polish
  • Manicure
  • Luxury Manicure
  • Shellac
  • Gelish|Artistic Gel Polish


IBX Restore & Repair
• First Treatment
• Subsequent Treatment
• Or buy 6 Subsequent treatment
and get 7th

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