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Nail Biters

Nail Biters Programme



Nail Biters Programme


Are you a compulsive nail biter? 

Always wanted nice natural nails but can’t kick the habit?

 DGC’s Nail Biters Programme is designed exclusively for you. It will require WILL POWER and COMMITMENT but if you work with me then together we can achieve a beautiful end result.

The Nail Biter Programme includes 5 Appointments over 8 Weeks for only £80

The fee is paid in full at the first appointment to increase the commitment that is needed. Small goals are set and your progress is monitored by taking before and after photos at each appointment.

The programme consists of 5 appointments and includes everything you need to look after your nails when you’re at home.

Every treatment includes removal and application of Shellac in the color of your choice. The cuticle area and skin around the nail is tidied to remove any temptation to bite and the treatment is finished with a relaxing hand massage to keep the skin soft and moisturised.

What’s included?

Once you’ve paid your fee, that’s it, there are no additional costs. You will receive 5 Shellac applications, a welcome pack including a bottle of cuticle oil to keep the skin around the nails moisturised at home, a nail file to keep any rough edges in check, aftercare instructions and tips on what to do in case you get tempted to nibble!

Appointment One – Consultation, preparation of the natural nail, the skin around the nails and the cuticle area will be cleaned and trimmed to remove any possible temptations to bite followed by a sheer Shellac to the natural nail. This coat of power polish helps protect the nails and makes it harder to bite them.The treatment is finished with a relaxing hand massage and nourishing cuticle oil.  A date is set for the next appointment and you will receive instructions and tips on what to do in between!
(Receive a Solar Oil,  Nail File and Aftercare Advice to take home with you)

Appointment Two -The second appointment is a week after the first to ensure not too much time is left between appointments for hangnails and bits of loose skin to grow, and therefore tempt you to bite it! The nails and skin around the nails is tidied and a new coat of Sheer CND Shellac is applied. The treatment is finished with a relaxing hand massage and nourishing cuticle oil.

Appointment Three – The third appointment is two weeks later and the same as above.

Appointment Four – The fourth appointment is two weeks after the third. Removal of your Shellac and a Shellac Treatment with the colour of your choice (Rockstar or Nail Art is also available)

Appointment Fifth – The fifth and last appointment is two weeks after the fourth.  Shellac is removed completely and mini manicure is given to hydrate nails and condition skin. A nail strengthener is applied followed by OPI nail colour. Client goes home with newly grown nails along with lots of tips and advice on how to maintain beautiful healthy natural nails.


 Terms and conditions

  • Must attend each appointment to complete the programme.

  • Appointments may be re-scheduled to meet your needs but must not be cancelled, each appointment is important in order to achieve the goal set.

  • Aftercare is advised and is solely your responsibility to uphold with will power and commitment.

  • All payments are non refundable.

  • Photos will be taken at each appointment (with your permission, may be used online)

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